The partnership between WEG’s event management team and your principle planners are underway; together we begin to identify the key mission, vision and objectives for the event. Budget, timeline and the details of an overall master plan are established, while engaging event partners, associates and affiliates. Key metrics are defined to ascertain the progress and success of the event. The primary deliverable in this phase is the master plan, as it will guide the event lifecycle processes and subsequent planning.


✓ Objectives Defined

✓ Key Metrics Established

✓ Event Concept and Design

✓ Budgeting

“Although we exist as an external entity, we integrate ourselves internally with the company we serve.”



The efficient management of event operations throughout its lifecycle begins in the planning phase.  Our team develops a thorough understanding of event requirements to properly negotiate directives and advise event partners.  From complex technical needs to an impactful small detail – WEG assesses event requirements and aligns with superior industry professionals to establish and coordinate the framework for a successful event outcome through careful and concise planning of operations and logistical aspects.


✓ Budget Management

✓ Registration Services

✓ Venue Research and Selection

✓ Vendor Negotiations and Management

✓ Travel and Hotel

“One-third of all WEG events take place internationally”



WEG’s true superiority shines through when engulfed in event implementation and execution. The depth of experience and wealth in knowledge of best practices ensures events will be justly identified as ‘your brand coming to life’. Our ability to remain focused on event objectives while operating as an extension of your company is unwavering, but also remains flexible to necessary changes, overcoming obstacles and identifying timely solutions.


✓ On-site Management

✓ Audio Visual

✓ Staging and Installation

✓ Show Call and Stage Management

✓ Audience Engagement

“We go in to every project knowing that whatever the client needs, we will deliver.”



The completion of an event is only the first step in an event’s close-out. Evaluating the final product is a key aspect of WEG’s approach for delivering a valuable experience to clients. The critical and important work of accounting, partner follow up, as well as a comprehensive event review will ascertain areas for growth and improvement. WEG rarely looks to simply execute one event, rather we look to build relationships that last – because of this, we never want to stop improving our services. Surveying our processes within the full scope of work completed is the critical last deliverable that sets us apart.

✓ Analysis of Key Metrics

✓ Budget Overview

✓ Guest Experience Survey

✓ Attendance Summary

“Being transparent is one way we demonstrate the respect we hold for our clients.”