Expert Direction, Management and Execution at Every Step

The partnership between WEG’s event management team and your principle planners is underway.

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The efficient management of operations in all functional areas of an event throughout its lifecycle begins in this phase.

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WEG’s true superiority shines through when engulfed in event implementation and execution.

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The completion of an event is only the first step in an event’s close-out.

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Wildman Event Group is Your Partner

About WEG

Wildman Event Group (WEG) is a leading full-service event management company that has perfected the ability to embody a company’s voice, as well as bring to life the brands they represent.

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The WEG Way

Bringing a Brand to Life

When precise strategy, smart design, and innovation in execution meet, the result is a remarkable event that embodies a brand and delivers an intended message with ease.

About Us

Our mission is to develop long-term relationships as a trusted partner in event design and management. To not only effectively execute a master plan, but deliver quantitative results that demonstrate our ability to cultivate a brand into a momentous event.

Experience the full capability of WEG through an event case study. Due to the confidential nature of our clients’ work, access to certain WEG case studies, as well as our full event portfolio, is protected. References and case studies are available upon request.

To submit your RFP via email, please send to info@wildmaneventgroup.com or complete the form below.

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Why Choose WEG

Wildman Event Group is an all-in-one solution for event management and design specializing in corporate meetings and conferences, clientele events, product demos/launches, sales kickoffs, as well as employee appreciation and incentive.

Wildman Event Group’s services encompass the life cycle of an event from initial strategy through execution and evaluation. A custom team is built specifically for each project, ensuring the necessary expertise is present and unnecessary expenses are not. WEG offers a tailored approach for producing successful events with our clients engaging as needed in their process.

Wildman Event Group has 50+ years of collective experience in the event management industry and the team has collectively executed events on 6 of the 7 continents. WEG has executed events ranging in size from 10 – 1,000+ people and operated multiple events taking place simultaneously in different locations.